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I believe that space activities are impacting society through…
"Exploration Systems in Space and Resulting Systems Capability to Solve The Challenges Facing Humanity."

Since the launch of Sputnik, and then via the Apollo landings on the moon, and recent robotic missions to Mars, Earth's people have experienced an ever-increasing global awareness of the interconnectedness of humanity and our life support system, planet Earth.

In turn, international space exploration demands the creation of new systems and technologies. This enables us to evolve a future for humanity everywhere in the quest of exploration and settlement of the cosmos.

As importantly, space exploration systems allows us-even demands of us, as a matter of global ethics- to apply these new systems to solve the major challenges of humanity today. These involve clean water, the remission of the AIDS epidemic, medical knowledge or a space communications- enabled international economy, that empowers communities on every continent.

Equally as exciting, space activity creates the platforms for broad cultural contact and the understanding that can emerge from a vision of global unity and an appreciation of local differences in the adventure of space.

The joining of robust space systems and the creation of a global political will to apply space capabilities to our needs today, are
intertwined now. "We,The People" are in the process of realizing our historical destiny in moving aloft, together, from our planet of origin.

I look forward to working with you in realizing an International Mission to Humanity.

Ms Kathleen M. Connell
Adjunct Faculty and Project Director
Center for Humanity and Space Exploration

Professional Category: Education


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