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I believe that space activities are impacting society through…
the diverse paths they offer for new knowledge, opportunities for sustainable development of Earth and a limitless future for the human species.

Our Earth is a tiny, seemingly insignificant planet in the vastness of the Universe, but Earth supports life and humans are its most highly evolved species. Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? Can we find it? How has it evolved? If destroyed, what caused this destruction? How will society be affected on finding life elsewhere? What is the origin of our Universe, what is its structure? Space activity enables us to seek answers to such pivotal questions.

Humans have by now developed the collective power to influence dramatically Earth’s environment in both sustainable and irrecoverable ways. Space activities provide a unique opportunity to observe, measure and manage the effects of both human and natural events that change our Earth.

Space activities enable essential human needs to be met and can be a powerful bridge across the digital and other divides that exist in our societies. They enable and facilitate education in all societies, the provision of high quality health care, the management of our food and water resources; they add to our security in the face of continual natural and human-made disasters; they allow global communications, safe transportation, and may, in future, provide the necessary sources of clean energy. Today, space activities have become essential to finding the solutions to the major global problems facing society and its leaders.

Space activities motivate and provide a deep sense of adventure and wonder for large segments of society, whatever their background or state of development, and they remove barriers to the essential evolution of human kind and of its societies.

Dr. Karl Doetsch
Doetsch International Space Consultants

Professional Category: Physical Sciences


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