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I believe that space activities are impacting society through…
.…the provision of perspective on planet Earth and perspective on humans. Our space activities are helping us to see planet Earth as a small speck in a vast universe, and as the only environment perfect for humans. We can now see Earth as a small and delicate environment in need of care, and humans as one population dependent on that Earth. Before space flight, for the whole two hundred thousand years of our existence, we humans were creatures with three major neural mechanisms for behavior, and three major activities: increasing our numbers, increasing our comfort and pleasure, and having conflicts between groups.

The perspective of space is helping us to reduce these behaviors. We can now stop being slaves to our neural mechanisms for behavior. We can now tell our neural mechanisms for behavior to go to hell and we can do something else. We can create colonies independent of planet Earth and we can populate the universe. We can now see that it is more interesting, more worthwhile, to create Earth-independent colonies rather than just continuing to increase our numbers, increase our comfort, and have conflicts between groups. We can see that we are one group on Earth and that we can populate the universe. Homo sapiens can become Homo spaciens and we can evolve into many groups, many different species on many different planets.

Space activities help humans to look outward from planet Earth as one family. As we orient to space the first behavior to be diminished will be the conflicts between groups: the wars, the genocides, the terrorism, the racism, the religious killings, -the “us against them” behaviors that were helpful to early primates and are now a curse on us. The perspective provided by space activities will improve our behaviors.

Dr. Kenneth Eric Money
IAA - International Academy of Astronautics

Professional Category: Physical Sciences


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