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I believe that space activities are impacting society through…
.... unique key contributions:

* Because of the human, scientific and strategic challenges they involve, they are at the very heart of human adventure and deeply contribute to fascinate people towards new horizons.

* They are integral part of our every day lives, this is true for telecommunications and television but as well for meteorology, environmental observation and surveillance, agriculture and transport.

* They shape our future when contributing to security and defence goals and to the protection of our planet. The contribution of space systems for Crisis preventions and natural disasters prevention has been widely recognised as a valuable asset.

* When fifty years ago our fathers and grand-fathers decided to devote significant efforts to create European Space capabilities, they really made the right choice. Today's it is our duty to pursue in the same direction simply because beyond what we already see as economical and societal benefits, space activities are opening new possibilities for the future.

Mr. François Auque
Chief Executive Officer
EADS Space

Professional Category: Business


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