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I believe that space activities are impacting society through…
.... the use of earth orbiting satellites for earth observation, tele-communications and navigation.

Earth Observation satellites provide real-time observations of the actual environmental conditions on the surface of the earth. Such observations contribute considerably to an accurate knowledge of the environment as well as to the effective management of the natural resources.

Meteorological satellites continuously acquire data on the weather. Information on the weather conditions are used by the aviation industry to ensure safe flights for airline passengers.

Meteorological satelites enable early warnings to be given of approaching extreme weather conditions and can thus reduce considerably damages from natural disasters.

Communication satellites enable information to be exchanged almost instantaneously between different points on the earth. Live television transmissions and mobile telephones have contributed towards unifying the whole of humanity to operate as one single entity.

Navigation satellites provide very precise information on the the location of ships in the ocean, aircraft in the air and vehicles on land. Within a city, satellite navigation enables the driver of a vehicle to choose an optimal path to go from one point to another.

Prof. Yean Joo Chong
Professor of Physics (retired)
National University of Singapore

Professional Category: Physical Sciences


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