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I believe that space activities are impacting society through…
Development of cosmonautics generated new directions in the development of science and technique, particularly, it gave impetus to the rise of space biology and medicine. This, in its turn, led to creation of a new specialization, to appearance of new professions in these spheres, afflux of young specialists.

I belong to the pleiad of those people for whom connection with the initial period of manned cosmonautics became significant and determined the range of professional interests for the whole life.

Participation in model and flight experiments, including international programs “Intercosmos”, “Mir-NASA”, work with crew-members of ISS-3 and ISS-5 showed that international cooperation was a fertile field for mutual exchange of experience of different scientific schools, improving of mutual understanding and mutual relations between different nationalities, for spiritual intimacy of peoples. I would even say that it serves the aim of strengthening piece on Earth.

The Humanity constantly faces danger from the side of different cataclysms (falling of asteroids, possible exhaust of mineral resources, etc.), it can lead to despair in our society, appearance of anxiety for our children.
Further development of space science and technique can give hope to our society by the way of widening boundaries and going beyond the limits of earth civilization. Unpredictability of space catastrophes will make the humanity mobilize itself to solve these problems, it may possibly prevent aggressiveness in society, give the sense of optimism and the Humanity will give up wars and terror.

Mrs. Irina Pavlovna Ponomareva
Leading researcher, Deputy Head of the Department of implementation, realization and promotion of scientific achievements

Professional Category: Physical Sciences


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